Smoked Beef Brisket

Smoked Beef Brisket

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  • Trim fat off of brisket. Save the fat to render on smoker in pans.Slat & Pepper or course rub
  • Cook on smoker/grill at 225˚F (no higher than 250˚F) for 3 hoursStart spritzing (just the meat –not the fat)250˚ (no higher than 275˚) for 5 hoursCheck for…1. Evaporation (shrinks about 40%)2. Dark Color3. Very Crunchy Bark4. Fat Rendering !!! Important!!!5. Temperature (least important) usually around 175˚ 185˚** Ready to wrap when fat is rendered to touch **
  • Wrap in butcher paper with beef tallow (Wagyu Tallow is BEST)
  • Check for…1. 203˚ish2. Probe test (softenedbutter) !!! Important !!!** Pull and let cool (wrapped) to 185˚ – 180˚ **Re-wrap in new butcher paper with smoked tallow put in coolerRest for a MINIMUM of 3 hours(8 – 12 hours BEST)


NOTE – If temperate drops below 135˚ after resting, put in 170˚ oven (wrapped) to bring temp back up to at 145˚ (serving temp)

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