Outdoor Cookers

Confession: I am a product tester and reviewer for outdoor cooking (however, I never accept any compensation for my reviews or testing). 

I am often asked what outdoor cookers I prefer and use for my creations. I have quite a few outdoor cookers and use all regularly.

Could you get away with only one? Sure, but you could also play golf with just a putter.

My primary “Go-To’s” for Outdoor Cookers

When pressed for time, I find myself using these three more often than the others (think Driver, 7-iron, and putter).


Most versatile

Does it all, “over” charcoal with digital precision. Quick fire-up and maintains consistent temperature from 220˚F to 700˚ F – smoking to searing.


Does it all with gas

Use the side burner to start your charcoal chimney. Add a heavy steel griddle that covers the entire surface when cooking teppanyaki. You’ll love it!


Mini Kamado

As an empty-nester, I find that I use this most often as it is super efficient, cooks up to six steaks, and provides an excellent sear.

Oh, and it also saves charcoal when you shut it down!

My collection in regular rotation.

I have purged my collection down to these and each has its own purpose. These are the ones that just flat-out work (and are not crazy expensive – BONUS!). I have moved away from built-ins and stupid-expensive “showpieces” that don’t cook any better.